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Hunters Escort Agency has some of the most beautiful escorts in Amsterdam. We pride ourselves on providing an exclusive escort service to meet all your fantasies and desires.

Our Amsterdam escorts are discreet, well dressed and beautifully spoken, only the best for our customers. If you are in Amsterdam on business or simply need companionship then you have come to the right place, allow our escorts to fulfil all your desires and fantasies, don't waste anymore time and give us a call.

At Hunters Escort Agency we specialise in providing stunning escorts for businessmen directly to their hotel rooms, no more do you need to venture out looking for escorts in Amsterdam. We have taken the complications out of the escorting experience to make it simple and easy.

our gallery has the most beautiful escorts in AmsterdaM

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Experience Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a vibrant bustling city with numerous things to do. Its charm can be felt from the moment you arrive. But like any city knowing where to go can be a daunting prospect and if you don't have the right company it can be a somewhat lonely experience. For this reason we at Hunters Escort Agency have development a number of services which will allow you to see Amsterdam with one of our escorts. Our girls will show you around and have a time you'll never forget. 

So if you are planning a trip to Amsterdam why not give us a call a try sight seeing with one of our stunning escorts, this will be an experience you will not forget.


Escort Hotel Service

We offer a great one stop escort hotel service for Amsterdam and surrounding areas, no need for going out to suspicious venues for your encounter with an escort, you can do it in the privacy of your own hotel room. Simply give us a call and we will come to you, it's as simple as that. If you're a first timer and are concerned about what the hotel or guest might say or think, have no fear. Our escorts are professional and discrete, no leopard skins tights with pink boob tubes ... we are not that kind of service.


NIght Life

When last have you been to a night club? You may be thinking I'm too old for this ... Not true, in recent times business owners have identified that there is a more mature client wanting to enjoy themselves without all the drama typically associated with clubbing. Amsterdam has many sophisticated night venues catering just for you. Seriously, life doesn't need to be boring, get out, live your life ... and do it with a beautiful woman on your arm.  


Escort City Tours

When it comes to European cities Amsterdam ranks high on the list of places to see. This diverse city is packed with many interesting places, especially when it comes to the nightlife. But like with any new city finding your way round is not always that easy. This is where we recommend having one of our escorts guide you around the city. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a new city with a beautiful woman by your side ... pick up the phone and call now.


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More than Just Sex

At Hunters Escort Agency we are trying to change peoples perception about how they see escorts. Traditionally men have looked at these types of services as quick anonymous sex. It's true that for many this concept remains, all that's required is a brief encounter to release, but this is not the only way.

More and more customers are requesting a more personnel service and as a result escorting is becoming less about sex and more about companionship. Hunters Club now offers a number of companion services which we hope you'll take advantage of.         


Escort Massages

This is not your typical massage that you might find on your local high street. Our erotic massage is performed in the privacy of your hotel room by a beautiful girl whose sole focus is to ensure your pleasure. Because our massages are performed by escorts there is no need to be concerned about requesting a happy ending, in fact this is part of the deal. So if you are stressed and need to unwind why not try this great service, you will not be sorry. We guarantee this will be the best nights sleep you've had in a long time. 


Escort Dinner Dates

The dinner date service is a great way to get out of your hotel and have a quite relaxing dinner with a gorgeous woman. Business trips can often be filled with lonely dinners or boring clients, this doesn't need to be the case. We have such interesting girls, you'll be surprised how many of them are highly educated and have super interesting lives. Not to mention the connection you'll make over a glass of wine and a good meal, this serves only to heighten the eventual ending of the evening.  


Escorts and Couples

The modern relationship is far more adventurous than it's ever been before, coupled with people's growing sexual appetites there is often allot of pressure to maintain the excitement levels. Things can quickly become stagnant leaving couples asking, whats next ... We have a solution for you, enter the third person. If you are looking to spice things up then this may be for you. Adding this new dimension to your sexual experience will transform  your understanding of pleasure. It's also a fantastic way for you both to learn new techniques.

Escort News and Articles

Did You Know?

There are many misconceptions regarding the laws around escorting in Amsterdam. This is primarily due to the fact the Netherlands has different laws to most countries. This leads to allot of confusion and misunderstandings for travellers. Below are a few key facts which will help clear up a few things about prostitution and escorts.

Escorts are Legal in AMSTERDAM

In January 1988 prostitution was legalised in Holland and then later in October 2000 brothels where eventually legalised. Since then the escort profession has become a main stream business.

In 1999 surveys conducted in Holland report that more than 70% of the dutch public considered escorting to be an acceptable profession like any other. Since then the escort profession has lost its taboo reputation, especially in places like as Amsterdam. 

Hotels Accept Escorts in Amsterdam

In other parts of the world ordering an escort to your hotel room is some what of a cloak and dagger affair. This is not the case in Amsterdam, in fact it the exact opposite.

Hotels in Amsterdam are extremely accepting of escorts, in many cases ordering a taxi and ordering an escort or seen as the same thing. This makes for the escorting experience to be far more relaxed and enjoyable. 

Escorting is a Professional business in Amsterdam

In the past escorts were seen has shady individuals connected to pimps and drug deals. This could not be further from the truth in Amsterdam. 

The escort industry has become mainstream, meaning escorts now have pensions, pay taxes and have accountants. They now conduct their business professionally and behave like any other business person.

With the legalisation of the profession there is no need for any connections to suspicious characters and as a result crime typically connected to escorting has all but disappeared.